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  • room acoustics
  • electroacoustic system proposition and installation (speakers, interactive systems with sensors) 
  • soundscapes (for galleries, hotels, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, high-end residentials, etch)
  • original background music (for any kind of market, hotels, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, high-end residentials, etch)

Involves: meetings with the client to understand specific needs / site visits / acoustic testing / acoustic simulations of the room / room acoustics design / proposition and installation of electroacoustic system / installation of sensors and programming the system

We provide:

  • Recommendations for acoustic treatment needed in order to accompany all the future needs of the space.
  • Design and installing electroacoustic systems (i.e. speakers, amplifiers, interactive systems with sensors, etc.)
  • Bespoke device and applications to control the sound system (from physical buttons and faders to touch screen bespoke devices)
  • Original music / soundscape sounds as background for various purposes
  • Bespoke and Interactive algorithmic music / soundscape (interaction via: buttons, cameras, heat detection, laser or any other sensor)
  • Bespoke electroacoustic installations to accompany art exhibitions

We will be happy to assist individually with one of more of the above.