Construction Management Plan (Noise, Vibration and Dust)

Our team has combined its knowledge of Standards and Regulations with hands-on experience acquired throughout noise, vibration and dust monitoring at landmark sites throughout the UK, to assist our Clients with the generation of Construction Management Plans.

We will engage prior to the commencement of any on-site operations in order to understand the phases of the project, and what each phase involves in terms of equipment, duration of works and adjacency of noise-sensitive, or vibration-sensitive receivers.

From this point onwards we will prepare an assessment of the suitability of proposed on-site works with regards to their impact on the amenity of nearby sensitive receivers. Within the assessment, we will detail mitigation measures potentially required to protect nearby residents from noise, vibration and dust exposure in a robust management plan.

Our services include the following elements:

  • Baseline Noise, or Vibration Survey
  • Detailed analysis of all noise and vibration data
  • Prediction of noise and vibration at the nearest receiver
  • Proposal of a full noise, or vibration control strategy
  • Noise mapping
  • Predictions of groundborne vibration
Construction management plan hero image

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