Noise at Work Assessments

Noise at Work is a delicate issue as it involves a number of parameters to be carefully assessed, the most important of which is the health of employees.

Any industry where employees are required to work in increased levels of noise would be affected by the Noise at Work Regulations. A typical example where these regulations would apply is the manufacturing industry, however as of 2008 the Noise at Work Regulations include the sectors of music and entertainment (restaurants, nightclubs, live venue spaces).

The steps in a Noise at Work Assessment are straight-forward. We would initially discuss with the client in order to understand the nature of the operations. We would then visit the specific workplace and measure all noise levels either manually or by means of noise dose badges.

A detailed analysis of all data would follow which would include a comparison of all measured noise levels to all stipulated Action Levels.

The final step in this procedure would be the generation of a noise assessment report, describing all methodology and findings in parallel to the proposal of safety measures, should they be required.

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