Sound Insulation Investigations

All metropolitan cities have one common element: Adjacency between dwellings

This is accompanied by the advantage of creating your own personal soundscape within your space.

The main disadvantage is when your music becomes someone else's noise.

The common denominator in the above situation is poor sound insulation performance between residences, which can cause noise nuisance, general discomfort and loss in quality of life.

Sound insulation hero image

Our team of acoustic consultants offers highly specialised advice in terms of upgrade solutions for separating walls or floors. The first step would be a site inspection which could be combined with a sound insulation investigation. The procedure would be the same as the one followed during sound insulation testing. The objective is to obtain a first impression of the current sound insulation performance of the separating wall or floor.

Following the site visit, we would review any available construction details in parallel to the survey findings in order to make all necessary recommendations for the upgrade of sound insulation and acoustic detailing. The acoustic review would consider the requirements of the Building Regulations and any other specific Client performance requirements.

A bespoke sound insulation upgrade solution would be proposed, based on budgetary and performance requirements, while attention would be paid to proprietary acoustic materials and suppliers.

The final result would give a measurable difference in sound insulation, while fully satisfying subjectively both sides of the party wall or floor.

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