Soundscaping takes a different viewpoint of the world from noise control. Instead of focusing on ‘noise’ as something to eliminate, it considers ‘sound' - some of which may be negative, but some of which is positive - particularly the sound of the natural environment.

A soundscaping approach aims to re-balance the soundscape (the acoustic equivalent of a landscape) by considering the sounds which are most perceived in any given environment and analysing their impact on listeners.

Soundscape assessment is increasingly used in urban planning to consider the impact of developments, while Soundscape design aims to design spaces or environments in which the positive sounds outweigh the negatives, making the space a pleasant, restorative or energising place to be. This may be through the use of natural features such as water, or through the use of electro-acoustic systems.

KP Acoustics Research Labs can offer soundscape assessments and design for both natural and electro-acoustic soundscapes.

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