Acoustic Consultancy

From noise and vibration surveys to enhancing an interior soundscape. From the highly objective to the highly subjective. Our acoustic consultancy services cover a wide spectrum of scenarios, across all industry sectors.

Noise & Vibration Surveys

It could be measuring the noise profile of road traffic and mechanical plant installations, or noise from live music and sporting events. Whether manual or automated, our noise and vibration surveys form the main building blocks for identifying the noise sources of what needs assessing.

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Audio Visual Design & Echotectonics™

In partnership with Auris Populi, we are expanding our suite of services to include Audio Visual (AV) System Design and integration.
From room acoustic modelling, to sound system design, we provide solutions to improve the way people hear, work and collaborate.

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Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments

Noise Impact Assessments, which are typically required for planning applications, are a critical tool for evaluating and managing the effects of noise on people and the environment. At KP Acoustics, we use state-of-the-art equipment and modelling techniques to provide comprehensive noise impact assessments for a wide range of projects, including transportation infrastructure, industrial facilities, and residential developments.

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Pre-construction Noise/Vibration Assessments

Pre-Construction Management Plans are a vital tool for managing the potential environmental impacts of construction projects. We specialize in providing comprehensive management plans and supporting Section 61 applications for a wide range of environmental concerns, including noise, vibration, air quality, alongside ongoing environmental monitoring.

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Architectural Acoustic Design

Creating a development’s acoustic identity is an applied art. This is where our robust, accurate approach in designing interior soundscapes makes the critical difference. Allowing us to balance aesthetic and architectural aspirations with any construction constraints.

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UKAS Accredited Sound Testing

Sound insulation testing (also referred to as pre-completion) is one of the final steps in assessing the sound insulation performance of party walls and party floors between different dwellings. We provide fast and cost-effective sound testing to ensure projects are completed on time and on-budget.

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We are proud to present Echotectonics™, our new service for bespoke soundscape design. Featuring smart, interactive technology, we’re able to consider psychoacoustics along with other factors, for a more immersive user experience.

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Sound Insulation Investigations

Metropolitan cities have one thing in common: the risk of noise from one dwelling disturbing another. This is where KP Acoustics can assist by inspecting the site, undertaking a sound insulation investigation, and by advising on the best acoustic upgrade strategy.

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Noise at Work Assessments

For sectors, such as manufacturing, music, entertainment and hospitality, noise in the workplace is a sensitive issue. It often involves a number of parameters that we carefully assess, before advising on any necessary measures to protect the health and wellbeing of employees.

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Smart Noise and Vibration Control

Our team of acoustic consultants can provide specialised advice for a wide range of noise and vibration control scenarios, often required for facilities involving high precision equipment, or critical infrastructure.

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Expert Witness

An integral part of KP Acoustics’ range of services is providing Expert Witness evidence. We represent and advise our Clients in various scenarios and legal cases, including Planning appeals and Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

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Noise Mapping

As part of our range of acoustic consultancy services, KP Acoustics use proprietary noise modelling software for a multitude of scenarios. This generates a noise contour map, visualising the effects of noise propagation and its effects to one, or more, noise sensitive receivers.

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