Noise and Vibration Surveys

Measuring the noise profile of road traffic and mechanical plant installations, or noise from live music and sporting events. Manual or automated, our noise and vibration surveys form the main building blocks for identifying the noise sources of what needs assessing.

Noise Surveys

Noise surveys include a visit to a site and the undertaking of noise measurements. A bespoke noise control strategy will follow, after the analysis of the acquired noise data, allowing for a flexible, yet targeted solution.

Noise sources can vary in nature, however typical assessment scenarios would include:

  • Fixed mechanical plant installations
  • Live music in a concert, or festival
  • Entertainment, or licensed premises venues (clubs, pubs, restaurants)
  • Religious services in places of worship
  • Clay target shooting
  • Road traffic noise
  • Noise from motorsports

A manual noise survey provides detailed information on the acoustic identity of the noise source being assessed in the context of a noise impact assessment. An automated survey involves the installation of one, or more, noise monitors which will be used to examine the noise profile of the area under investigation.

Vibration Surveys

A vibration survey provides all the necessary vibration profile information of a source (e.g. a railway line). All acquired data will assist in assessing any adverse effect on either: a building’s occupants, or the building itself in terms of its structural integrity.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Sites for residential development adjacent to railway lines
  • Refurbishments of lower-ground floor apartments and control of Underground Train vibration
  • Industrial plant unit installations
  • Condition monitoring of high-precision machinery

A manual vibration survey directly assesses a specific vibration source – allowing for a more detailed understanding of its vibration signature. An automated survey entails deploying one or more vibration monitors. This can be set-up in such a way so as to transfer vibration data in real-time, allowing for a more dynamic approach in the assessment exercise.

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