Noise Mapping

As part of our range of acoustic consultancy services, KP Acoustics use proprietary noise modelling software for a multitude of scenarios. This generates a noise contour map, visualising the effects of noise propagation and its effects to one, or more, noise sensitive receivers.

Noise modelling scenarios involve a range of standard noise impact assessment exercises.

These might involve a situation where a new plant unit needs to be assessed in terms of its noise emission to the closest receiver. The generation of a distributed noise map for the planning application of a large development scheme.

It could even expand to a strategic noise map designed for the global assessment and prediction of noise exposure in a specific area.

We take pride in delivering noise maps for large-scale infrastructure projects in SE Asia and across the Middle East.

Our noise mapping services include the following:

  • Generation of noise contour maps for a project of any size
  • Provision of advice for a holistic noise management plan
  • Proposal of a noise control strategy and visualisation of its effects (e.g. barriers for road traffic noise, enclosures/acoustic screens for industrial plant units)

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