Sound Insulation Investigations

Metropolitan cities have one thing in common: the risk of noise from one dwelling disturbing another. This is where KP Acoustics can assist by inspecting the site, undertaking a sound insulation investigation, and by advising on the best acoustic upgrade strategy.

While creating a personal soundscape within your own home space could be considered a positive advantage for you, it might not be for your neighbour – if your music becomes their noise problem.

In fact, the most common reason in this situation is poor sound insulation between residences.

Acoustic upgrade solutions

Our team of acoustic consultants can offer highly specialised advice on upgrade solutions for the separating walls or floors. Their first step would be making an acoustic site inspection in order to gain an initial impression of the current sound insulation performance. This is combined with a sound insulation investigation which follows the same procedure performed during sound insulation testing.

After the site visit, we’ll review any available construction details in parallel to the survey findings. This is in order to make all necessary recommendations for the sound insulation upgrade and acoustic detailing. The acoustic review also considers the Building Regulations and any other specific needs from the Client.

Measurable results

Based on budgetary and performance requirements, our team puts forward a bespoke sound insulation upgrade solution; taking into account proprietary acoustic materials and suppliers. The final result will demonstrate a measurable improvement in sound insulation – and complete satisfaction on both sides of the party wall or floor.

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