Construction and demolition sites, smart cities, outdoor festivals, industrial operations, critical structures, wind farms, airports, and motorsport events. These are just some of the many reasons why the need for cost-effective environmental monitoring continues to grow.
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At KP Monitoring, we have developed a Client-centric monitoring system where our customers’ requirements lie firmly at its core. This is supported by our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, flexible and reliable systems, and our industry-leading website, designed to provide a robust, bespoke and secure interface for all project data.

Emissions from sites, whether these be noise, vibration or dust, can have a negative effect on the local area. This includes impacts on structures, sensitive equipment, health and – of course – general wellbeing and happiness.

In many cases, restrictions regarding emissions can be put in place by stakeholders, such as the Local Authority, who may specify certain conditions that must be adhered to. For example: if noise levels at sites are considered detrimental to local residents or nearby structures that are sensitive to vibration, only environmental monitoring can properly manage variables likes these.

Environmental monitoring measures emissions, reports the data back to the Client and, crucially, provides a warning system should any undesired environmental conditions occur. This may take the form of alerting sites if their noise levels are too high or if an activity has created a surge in airborne dust.

Whether you need noise, vibration, dust, weather, gas, tilt, displacement/movement and/or crack monitoring, KP Monitoring has you covered.

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