Pre-Construction Noise/Vibration Assessments

Our team of experts specialises in conducting Pre-construction Noise/Vibration Assessments to evaluate the potential impacts of construction activities on the surrounding environment. By assessing the potential noise and vibration levels, we can help you develop effective mitigation measures to minimise the impact on the community and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Road, rail, air… Traffic noise can come from anywhere, at any time, and from multiple sources.

To investigate the origin of all possible noise sources, either individually or as a combination, we would organise a noise survey around a proposed development site.

Survey duration

Noise monitoring normally lasts for 24 hours, but this can be extended in order to obtain a better statistical sample of the site’s noise profile. And if the site is close to a railway line, or any other source of vibration which could damage or negatively impact structures, residents, or businesses nearby, we would also undertake a vibration survey.

Data analysis

When analysing the data, we first break down the time-history measurements into daytime and night-time before calculating the corresponding average noise levels. This helps us better understand the acoustic identity and acoustic footprint of the proposed development site.

In terms of ambient noise levels, we recognise that selecting a suitable glazing specification is a very delicate procedure which can significantly impact a project’s budget. For this reason, we make detailed calculations based on the outcomes of the environmental noise survey. This allows us to provide a more pragmatic glazing specification that satisfies the recommended internal noise levels, rather than just present a ‘worst case scenario’.

Full compliance

You can be totally confident that the final noise assessment report will be robust, concise and fully compliant with all current British Standards requirements, Local Authorities planning requirements, Good Practice Documents and the WHO Guidelines for Community Noise.

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