We are proud to present Echotectonics™, our new service for bespoke soundscape design. Featuring smart, interactive technology, we’re able to consider psychoacoustics along with other factors, for a more immersive user experience.

The aesthetics of sound accompanied by sophisticated technology lies at the heart of Echotectonics™ and drives our projects.

We will focus on the sensorial qualities of the space and work primarily with sound, as well as with additional factors such as light, in order to influence the end user-experience and behaviour.

Ranging from an office space that has to ‘feel like home’, to a home that will ‘feel like the office’, we will provide what we call as “holistic acoustic design”.

An initial consultation would be organised in order to better understand the project’s and the Client’s exact requirements. Then, after taking into account the acoustics of the existing space and by using smart, interactive bio-sensor technology, we will provide a bespoke acoustic identity for any internal or external area, creating a unique sound-field. Within this process, psychoacoustic factors are considered in addition to elements such as commercial branding, tranquillity, productivity enhancement and immersive user experience.

Echotectonics™ includes the following services and products:

  • Recommendations for the enhancement of interior acoustics including reverberation control (passive design) and electroacoustic system design (active design)
  • Design, installation and fine-tuning of electroacoustic systems (loudspeakers, amplifiers, audio filters)
  • Original soundscape design for audio branding (art exhibitions, conferences, hotels, retail spaces, offices, airport lounges, spaces of worship)
  • Bespoke soundscape design using bio-sensors (heart-rate, GSR, etc.)
  • Electroacoustic installations to accompany art exhibitions
  • Data Sonification

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