Noise at Work Assessments

For sectors, such as manufacturing, music, entertainment and hospitality, noise in the workplace is a sensitive issue. It often involves a number of parameters that we carefully assess, before advising on any necessary measures to protect the health and wellbeing of employees.

Any industry where employees are required to work in increased levels of noise would fall under the Noise at Work Regulations.

During an occupational noise at work assessment, we would visit the site to conduct a noise survey consisting of manual noise measurements. This is in order to obtain the best possible impression of noise levels to which operatives are exposed.

Liaison with the site manager would be an important step, as precise information helps us formulate an overall ‘noise-exposure scenario’ – relating the measured noise levels with the actual working times of operatives.

Depending on the assessment scenario, the measurement procedure could consist of continuous use of noise dose badges. These would be fitted to a number of operatives for the duration of the survey, operating in different areas of the site in order to gain an appreciation of typical noise doses experienced by different staff throughout the site.

A detailed data analysis would follow – comparing all measured noise levels against the stipulated Action Levels within The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

The final step in this procedure is the generation of a noise at work assessment report, which describes the methodology and findings in parallel to the proposal of noise control measures. This is done to ensure that the noise exposure of all operatives is minimised, while establishing the employers’ responsibilities to protect their staff.

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