From the planning and design stages, to construction and final commissioning, structural monitoring is crucial at every phase. This is because it is the only way to establish a clear idea on the project’s structural integrity and its surrounding environment.

The monitoring of structures provides assurance to engineers throughout the whole lifetime of any project – along with peace of mind for neighbouring receivers.

Such structures may include residential or commercial buildings, railways, bridges, tunnels or substations.

In such cases, we will work closely with our Clients to provide a monitoring strategy that will assess the stability and safety of critical structures. This monitoring can take place before, during and after any works, or may be required for the lifetime of the structure.

We have a number of bespoke monitoring solutions designed to measure a variety of structural parameters including vibration, displacement/crack, pressure, temperature, strain and load.

Monitoring can be completed either by periodic site visits, or using our state-of-the-art track monitors, automated total stations, wireless tilt monitors or ground inclinometers and piezometers.

Our monitoring solutions can supply real-time project data where required, ensuring that any time-critical data, such as trigger notifications, reach the Client as soon as possible, either by email or SMS message.

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