UKAS Accredited Sound Testing

Sound insulation testing (also referred to as pre-completion) is one of the final steps in assessing the sound insulation performance of party walls and party floors between different dwellings. We provide fast and cost-effective sound testing to ensure projects are completed on time and on-budget.

For both new and converted properties, UKAS Accredited Sound Testing is one of the Approved Document E of the Building Regulations requirements.

From the initial enquiry to the delivery of the final certificates, KP Acoustics will take care of all the necessary details and provide an excellent turnaround time.

This way we can ensure that the appropriate sound insulation is installed and that your project passes with full compliance.

Our promise

Fast turnaround time – we deal with all enquiries within one day. Our team of experienced acoustic consultants will guide you through everything you need to know for sound testing. We would then provide you with a quote for the scope of work and fee proposal which reflect your exact requirements.

Accredited testing – you can be confident that our report will be accepted and fully compliant with all Building Control Bodies throughout the UK.

Accurate results – we would be able to give an accurate indication of the sound insulation performance; carrying out the tests on-site and providing you with the reports during the sound tests.

Free advice – specialist services such as sound testing need to be accessible, which is why KP Acoustics keep costs low. And in the event of a failed test – commonly caused by situations such as flanking sound transmission – we will provide advice without any additional charges to ensure that the re-test will be successful.

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