Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Whether short-term or continuous monitoring is required, our online noise and vibration platform provides robust and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of acoustic scenarios.

Whether short-term or long-term, noise and vibration monitoring will be required in a multitude of scenarios.

These include: construction sites, demolition sites, outdoor festivals, outdoor industrial operations, wind farms, airports, motorsport events.

In such cases, we will work closely with our Clients to provide a bespoke monitoring strategy. As a first step, this would involve visiting the site to confirm the monitoring locations, and liaising with all related parties.

A number of noise and vibration monitors will then be installed, set to measure, and store samples of the agreed noise (e.g. LAeq, LA90, LA10 LAmax) and vibration (e.g. PPV) parameters.

Our cost-effective and fully customisable platform is capable of sending alert threshold responses (SMS text/email) once pre-defined trigger noise levels are exceeded. Raw data will be collected on a remote, secure server and treated according to the specific customer requirements – therefore providing a highly flexible solution.

All data will then be accessible through a secure website, with individual access to the end-user.

Our noise and vibration service also includes site visits to check calibration of all monitors, providing summary reports at agreed weekly or monthly intervals, and unlimited data usage, without any additional charges.

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