KP Acoustics Research Labs promotes innovation and knowledge exchange in acoustics, audio and noise control. Through our specialist expertise we can help your company develop its research and design capabilities across all these fields.

Acoustic testing facility in Southampton

KP Acoustics Research Labs has expanded its testing facility in Southampton. Equipped with a Transmission Suite, a fully Anechoic and Hemi-Anechoic Chamber, we offer a comprehensive range of specialised testing applications and tailored design solutions.

From sound transmission and insulation testing to vibration analysis, sound power testing, insertion loss assessments and more.

Our team use their expertise and high-calibre facilities to measure, test and refine – making us the go-to destination for raising your product’s acoustic performance and unlocking its potential.

Who are we?

The KP Acoustics Research Labs team draws on extensive knowledge in academic and industrial research, consultancy and technical training.

With extensive experience in audio and acoustics, we can offer you our expertise in project management, laboratory testing and technical training across a number of key acoustics areas.

Professor Chris Barlow
Head of Research and Innovation
Juan Battaner-Moro
Head of Knowledge Exchange
Matt Hickling
Senior Knowledge Exchange Consultant
Helping you with your research
KP Acoustics Research Labs aims to drive innovation in all areas of acoustics, audio and noise control – developing new projects, products and techniques.

Would you appreciate some expert design advice to help turn an idea for an acoustics-related scheme into reality? Are you an academic institution wishing to partner with a company on research projects? Or are you looking for new product acoustic testing and certification?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, we're perfectly positioned to assist.

We’re currently running projects in:

• Immersive sound scaping for health and wellbeing
• VR and spatial audio that trains people to undertake building acoustic measurements
• Augmented reality (AR) technology – exploring its potential to ensure acoustic and environmental noise measurements in buildings are correct.

More recently, we’ve been involved in acoustic modelling and auralisation. These technologies use VR to create acoustically realistic virtual tours of ancient monuments and investigate the acoustic behaviours of ruined historic buildings (archaeoacoustics).

Our excellent facilities for specialist projects mean we can offer contract testing services for a variety of applications. These include:

• Product noise emissions
• Field analysis of acoustic materials
• Testing for headphones and hearing protection products.

Whether it involves the maritime and automotive industries or academic departments, having an extensive international network of colleagues and partners in various fields is a major advantage that allows us to offer both partnership and management services for research projects.

Seminars & Events

KP Acoustics Research Labs runs a number of events focusing on developments and innovation in acoustics and audio. If you'd like to discover where the cutting edge lies within these technologies, register your interest now and we’ll keep you up to date with our latest events, conferences and specialist seminars.

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