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1 Jul 2021

Acoustic consultancy develops new R&D capability

Acoustic consultants, KP Acoustics, is restructuring its business. The acoustic consultancy will now sit within the holding group, KP Acoustics Group, which also includes KP Monitoring and KP Acoustics Research Labs. The company is now in the unique position of being the only acoustic consultancy which possesses its own Research and Development capability in-house.


KP Acoustics has been growing. The consultancy is now one of three divisions within KP Acoustics Group. In an industry first, the new formation is launching its own R&D division. KP Acoustics Research Labs has recruited two experienced academics to lead this exciting new project.


The Research Labs already has an exciting array of proposals lined up.  These include projects on noise emissions from drones and electric vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, and the possible use of hearing tests for improved dementia screening.


The team will be building relationships with both public and private sector organisations to pursue multiple streams of research. According to Dr Kyriakos Papanagiotou, founder and director of KP Acoustics, the academics will be the company’s ‘‘imagineers,’’ combining scientific expertise with imaginative curiosity as they help push the boundaries of existing research.


The Research Labs will also allow the company to offer its own bespoke courses. Whether it is for recent engineering graduates or professionals who have been working in the acoustics industry for many years, the team will be able to tailor its expertise and resources to deliver new and innovative courses on acoustics, no matter how specialised.


While KP Acoustics will continue offering the full range of acoustic consultancy services, a separate division has also been created for the group’s monitoring products and services. KP Monitoring will focus on the growing range of monitoring services and products the company can offer for noise monitoring, vibration monitoring and dust monitoring.


‘‘Synergy has always been a central part of our ethos,’’ explained Dr Kyriakos Papanagiotou, director of KP Acoustics. ‘‘With this restructuring, and the creation of our own Research Labs, we are demonstrating the value of a synergetic relationship between business and academia, bringing the best of both together.’’


“We can continue to offer the full range of acoustics services through KP Acoustics, while our new monitoring division will soon have an exciting new product to launch that we believe will be the gold standard in noise and vibration monitoring. These are definitely exciting times.’’


KP Acoustics Group is the first acoustics formation to offer its own R&D department inhouse. For further information contact the team directly.

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