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13 Mar 2023

KP Acoustics in conversation with Imogen Buxton, LXA

At KP Acoustics Group, we have had the pleasure of working alongside some incredible businesses over the years – each making bold moves across their industries with a fascinating story to tell. To capture these innovations and insights, we have launched a new content series that offers a window into the inspiring stories, businesses and careers of our many industry friends, to provide helpful insight and advice on the market that is useful for everyone.

Imogen Buxton trained as a furniture designer and has over ten years experience in the Built Environment. Now, as the Head of New Business at LXA, she builds new relationships and works on business strategies to ensure an exciting pipeline of work and happy clients. Imogen enjoys working with a range of people, including clients, visitors and contractors, building and sustaining positive relationships.

LXA are a no-nonsense multi-disciplinary company born from a desire to do things differently. As project managers, cost consultants and interior designers, they bring ideas to life across the hospitality, commercial, residential and education sectors. KP Acoustics Group has been fortunate to partner with LXA on a wide portfolio of projects, working with clients at the earliest stage to provide expert advice and consultancy. One memorable collaboration was Beauchamp Place, where we worked with LXA to create a bespoke design of a high-end bar and restaurant, focussing on noise control of external M&E. We prioritised architectural acoustics, party wall design and upgrade strategy in relation to high-end residential receivers on each side of the bar.

To immerse ourselves into the world of LXA, Imogen kindly took five minutes to share with us what she loves most about her role, the common problems the business solves for clients and why architectural acoustics are vital to their work.

1. What do you love most about working at LXA?

Imogen: Getting to work with like-minded people, both within the LXA and through building relationships with clients, consultants and collaborators.

2. What problems does your business solve?

Imogen: LXA transforms its clients’ visions into reality. Bringing their concept to life, turning them into working designs and ensuring that projects are run to programme and budget. In many ways, we bridge the gap between architects and contractors, providing the technical skills and hands-on experience needed to bring projects to life.

3. What has been the biggest challenge to the business over the past year?

Imogen: Growing the business whilst maintaining a high quality of service is something all businesses struggle with, along with providing that personal touch which makes your company authentic and appealing.

4. What’s on the horizon this year for your business?

Imogen: Continuing growth in each of our sectors, aiming higher to win bigger and better projects than the year before.

5. Why is Acoustics important to your business?

Imogen: The beauty of acoustic solutions is that you don’t know it is there, but you know when it isn’t. Good acoustics help to reduce distracting background noise, providing an environment needed to complete tasks and create the desired ambience within a space. A quiet space can be just as distracting as a loud one and acoustics are vital to achieving the right balance.

6. Lastly, why did you choose to work with KP Acoustics Group?

Imogen: We have a long-standing relationship with KP, and working on many projects over the years has meant that we understand each other and how we work. It means that we can overcome project challenges together and ensure that client satisfaction is always achieved.

Thank you Imogen for taking the time to speak with us, we are passionate about building strong relationships with all our clients and it has been a pleasure to work with LXA.

If you want to find out more about working with LXA, head to their site. Alternatively, get in touch with our consultants to understand how KP Acoustics Group can help design bespoke architectural acoustics for your project.


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