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16 Dec 2021

Welcome to eNView™
Noise, Vibration and Dust monitoring, redesigned.

Revolutionary, award winning environmental monitoring system, eNView, launches at London Build 2021

KP Acoustics Group has launched eNView, a pioneering product that promises to disrupt the noise, vibration and dust monitoring industry. Recently launched at London Build 2021, eNView is an award-winning, world-first system, which firmly places the power of acoustic measurement back into the hands of the user. Small, robust, reliable, and extremely smart, it facilitates real time, remote measurement of Noise, Vibration and Dust, simple enough for anyone to understand.

Acoustics consultancy and environmental monitoring expert, KP Acoustics Group, honours its commitment to provide bespoke technology that connects sound, vibration and people in a robust and collaborating ecosystem. eNView is the user-friendly monitoring solution that combines real-time noise, vibration and dust monitoring into one device, boasting plug and play usability.

Simpler, Smarter, Smaller

eNView features a completely autonomous operation, meaning it’s a hands off system that does the hard work for you. It’s intuitive to use, lightweight and robust, making it suitable for a large variety of applications. It’s simply the smartest and most compact noise and vibration monitoring system in the market.

Bold steps into the future

“It has been a year like no other for KP Acoustics Group,” explained Dr Kyriakos Papanagiotou, founder of KP Acoustics Group and the innovator behind eNView. “In June we became the only acoustics consultancy to offer our own research and development capability in-house and now we’re launching eNView — the paradigm shift in technology for environmental monitoring.

“We’re transforming the industry and London Build was the perfect environment for the much-anticipated launch. Construction, demolition, health and safety, highways and mining are just some of the sectors that eNView is perfect for.”

KP Acoustics Group exhibited from stand D59 at London Build 2021, where experts were on hand to offer product demonstrations and showcase eNView’s accompanying intuitive web application.

KP Acoustics Group was also showcasing its extended services offering in each of its three divisions: KP Acoustics, KP Monitoring and KP Acoustics Research Labs. The company recently expanded, continuing to offer its full range of acoustic consultancy services, alongside a separate division for environmental monitoring and its very own in-house research, development and education capability.

We understand that acoustics, and environmental monitoring as a whole, are critical factors to the wellbeing and safety of any industrial, environmental or residential ecosystem. So we’ve designed a system that provides continuous, on-demand, seamless data.

If you would like to discuss any of our services or arrange a demonstration of eNView, contact us today.

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